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Discover Kathiyawadi’s Culinary Identity

A Gastronomic Wonderland

Step into the captivating world of Kathiyawadi Kitchen, where culinary artistry and cultural heritage converge to create an extraordinary Indian vegetarian dining experience. As you cross the threshold of Kathiyawadi’s welcoming abode, you are immediately transported to a realm of tantalizing aromas, vibrant colors, and flavors that dance upon your palate like a symphony of sensations.

 A Culinary Tribute to Kathiyawad

Kathiyawadi’s journey commences in the exotic landscapes of Kathiyawad, a land renowned for its rich culinary traditions and diverse gastronomic delights. With an unwavering commitment to authenticity, Kathiyawadi has painstakingly curated a menu that pays homage to the true essence of this ancient culinary heritage. Each dish is a masterpiece, an homage to generations of culinary wisdom passed down through the ages, carefully infused with modern innovation.

A Poetry of Flavors

Indulge in the poetry of flavors that grace the menu, where each dish becomes a delightful story waiting to unfold. Savor the succulent kebabs that bring together the finest ingredients, lovingly marinated to perfection, and grilled to create a symphony of taste. Let the velvety smoothness of the lentil-based delicacies envelop your senses, while the aromatic curries tantalize with the depth and complexity.

A Gastronomic Tour de Force

As the culinary journey reaches its zenith, behold the crown jewel of offerings which are the illustrious Kathiyawadi Thali. A culinary tapestry that takes you on a gastronomic tour de force, this regal platter is an orchestra of tastes and textures. Experience the blissful harmony of four flavorful sabzis, each celebrating the unique produce of the land. Allow the rustic charm of rotla to transport you to the very heart of rural India, while the comforting embrace of khichdi takes you back to the cherished memories of home-cooked meals. And let the tangy-sweet kadi tickle your taste buds, leaving you with an unforgettable finale to this grand symphony of taste.

A Home Away from Home

But it’s not just the food that sets Kathiyawadi apart; it’s the art of hospitality that elevates your experience to new heights. Kathiyawadi’s dedicated team of culinary artisans and servers take immense pride in weaving an enchanting atmosphere that complements the exceptional fare. Here, every guest is a cherished friend, and every smile is a reflection of Kathiyawadi’s commitment to your satisfaction.

An Invitation to Enchantment

Whether you choose to visit the charming New Jersey location, basking in the warmth of the hospitality, or embark on a gastronomic journey through the branches in the bustling cities of Dubai and Edmonton, Kathiyawadi Kitchen promises an experience like no other. We invite you to immerse yourself in the enchantment of the culinary sanctuary, where the traditions of yesterday blend seamlessly with the innovations of today, leaving an indelible mark on your heart and taste buds. Come, savor the magic of Kathiyawadi Kitchen, where every moment is a celebration of culinary artistry and cultural heritage.

Flavorful Food Menu

Kathiyawadi’s menu features a delightful array of dishes prepared using the basic ingredients found in every Indian kitchen. From the moment you step into Kathiyawadi’s restaurant, you’ll be transported to the heart of Gujarat, experiencing the true essence of Kathiyawadi dinner. Indulge in Kathiyawadi’s signature Kathiyawadi dishes, crafted with passion and expertise. Kathiyawadi’s vegetarian offerings showcase the rich and authentic Kathiyawadi recipes, ensuring a memorable dining experience. From the aromatic spices to the diverse flavors, each dish reflects the culinary heritage of Gujarat. Join Kathiyawadi in Sayreville NJ, and immerse yourself in the flavors of this vibrant region. Let Kathiyawadi’s vegetarian dishes captivate your senses and leave you longing for more.

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Convenient Kathiyawadi Kitchen Delivery

Enjoy Kathiyawadi’s delightful Kathiyawadi thalis at an affordable price. Indulge in a royal dining experience with Kathiyawadi’s flavorful assortment of dishes served in traditional Indian-style thali platters. Immerse yourself in the rich culinary heritage of Gujarat in Indian as you savor the diverse flavors and textures of Kathiyawadi’s thali offerings. Kathiyawadi, located in Sayreville NJ, is the perfect destination to experience the authentic taste of Kathiyawadi cuisine. Join Kathiyawadi and delight in Kathiyawadi’s thalis, where every bite takes you on a flavorful journey. You can place an order through the following delivery services: Seamless, BringMeThat, DoorDash, and Grubhub.

Restaurant Reservation and Party Booking Information

Restaurant Reservation Terms & Conditions

Hello our privileged guest, We have started accepting reservations. KATHIYAWADI KITCHEN LLC. Restaurant Reservation Terms & Conditions: You have to leave the Reserved table within one hour of your booked slot. Reservations are accepted 15 days in advance. We require a deposit of $15 per person for booking the table. This deposit will be adjusted with your final bill. We understand that, occasionally, unforeseen circumstances may preview you from making your reservation as initially planned. If you decide not to keep your Reservation, to avoid having charges associated with your reservation, you must cancel the Reservation at least 48 hours in advance by directly calling the restaurant. Everyone should be present here at booked slot.

⁃ Kathiyawadi Kitchen LLC ⁃

Party Reservation

We are accepting party reservations for upto 40 people. Rates for party space booking are as follows:
Tuesday – Thursday:
$ 400 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM 
$ 400 01:00 PM to 03:00 PM 
$ 400 05:00 PM to 07:00 PM 
$ 400 07:30 PM to 09:30 PM 
Friday – Sunday:
$ 600 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM 
$ 600 01:00 PM to 03:00 PM 
$ 600 05:00 PM to 07:00 PM 
$ 600 07:30 PM to 09:30 PM 

*This rate does not include food. We require a $ 15 deposit per head when booking the space.
⁃ Kathiyawadi Kitchen LLC ⁃

Flavors of India

Kathiyawadi take pride in using the finest Indian ingredients that capture the true essence of the country’s flavors. From aromatic spices like cumin, coriander, and turmeric, to fresh vegetables and lentils, Kathiyawadi’s dishes are prepared with authentic Indian ingredients. Each ingredient is carefully selected to ensure the rich and vibrant taste that defines Indian cuisine. Experience the true flavors of India, where Kathiyawadi’s ingredients create a culinary journey like no other.

Cozy Ambiance

Kathiyawadi’s cozy atmosphere is designed to make you feel right at home, creating a comfortable space to enjoy your dining experience. With soft lighting, tasteful decor, and a welcoming atmosphere, Kathiyawadi strive to provide a relaxing environment where you can savor the flavors of Kathiyawadi cuisine.

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Avatar for Alex Aguilar
Alex Aguilar

Good Service

August 2, 2023

Just like mom’s food! Authentic Gujarati food. Everything in the Kathiyawadi Thali was amazing. Chhas, pickle peppers, onion, jaggery, lasun chutney, sev tamato sabzi, baingan bharta, paneer, khaman, khichdi kadi, rotla and rotli and gulab jamun …everything was delicious.

Best service and music. Would go there again.

Avatar for Sejal P.
Sejal P.

Unraveling the Richness of Kathiyawadi Thali at Kathiyawadi Kitchen

July 31, 2023

We got there right when they opened so we’re able to get seated right away. They have a small location, and with limited seating capacity due to covid, they are only able to safely serve a few groups at a time. Expect an hour wait otherwise!

The food was so fresh, hot, flavorful, and aesthetically pleasing! They’re currently doing unlimited thali’s (atleast for dinner service, not sure about lunch). A thali is basically a smorgasbord of small portions of variety of foods that all compliment each other. It is very filling to begin with, so I’d recommend going when you’re really hungry/haven’t eaten much throughout the day.

There are 3 thali options, Gujarati, Kathiyawadi, and Punjabi. All looked fantastic. I opted to get the kathiyawadi thali, and it was soooo good. My favorite things from it were the khadi (sweet yet tangy soup like thing), the burthu (savory, smoky, eggplant mash), and their bread which was a thick rotla, and a thinner rotli which had this chewy consistency I enjoyed. I wasn’t a fan of their khaman because I felt it was on the dry side (it’s a savory sponge cake like appetizer, and usually moist).

I would absolutely go back here, and try their other thali’s.

Avatar for Roma A.
Roma A.

The Best Kathiyawadi Thali Experience

July 28, 2023

Saw the reviews and tried the kathiyawadi thali today. This was the best Kathiyawadi food I have had outside of India. Taste was extremely close to Indian style Kathiyawadi. Service was good as well. Definitely recommend to anyone missing an indian style thali.

Avatar for Harshil S.
Harshil S.

A Worthwhile Journey From Jersey City

July 25, 2023

Had heard a lot about this experience and wanted to try it out badly but couldn’t do it since it’s situated far away from Jersey City. Finally managed to convince my friends for a visit and damn! I was amazed! We ordered both Gujarati and Kathiawadi thali. The Gujarati thali though was a lot on the sweeter side and not a big fan of it but it was worth having for once. The Kathiawadi thali was really worth the price. Be careful of the jug full of buttermilk kept in front of you, it’s just to limit your eating capability at their unlimited restaurant. I loved it so much that I managed to eat 4 chapati, 1 rotli, and khaman x3, while trying out all the vegetables from Gujarati and Kathiawadi thali’s! My personal favorite was baigan ka bhartha as I had it after a really long time!

The staff is really polite with the servers providing us food till we were finishing despite their kitchen closing down. Service provided was top notch! I’m really looking forward to visit this place again!

Avatar for Sanchit K.
Sanchit K.

Authentic Indian Thali Delight

July 18, 2023

I’ve had the pleasure of dining at Kathiyawadi Kitchen multiple times with both friends and family, and I must say, they are unbeatable when it comes to thalis. I thoroughly enjoyed their Gujarati and Kathiyawadi thali on two separate occasions, and I can confidently say that their food is absolutely delicious.

It’s rare to find an authentic Indian thali in New Jersey, but Kathiyawadi Kitchen certainly delivers. The Sev ki sabji is a standout dish, and I highly recommend giving it a try. The staff is also incredibly friendly, and the service is fast, making for a seamless dining experience.

What’s even better about Kathiyawadi Kitchen is that it’s a pocket-friendly dining option, and the taste is unbeatable. The only downside is that the place is often crowded, so getting an early reservation is always suggested.

Overall, I would highly recommend Kathiyawadi Kitchen to anyone looking for a delicious and authentic Indian thali in New Jersey. The food is amazing, the staff is friendly, and the dining experience is unbeatable.

Avatar for Vaibhavi T.
Vaibhavi T.

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Direction to Kathiyawadi Kitchen

Embark on a delectable culinary journey as you explore the vibrant neighborhoods of Edison NJ, Franklin Park NJ, North Brunswick NJ, Parlin NJ, and Sayreville NJ. Nestled within these thriving communities lies Kathiyawadi, a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Step through Kathiyawadi’s doors and immerse yourself in the rich aromas and flavors of authentic Kathiyawadi cuisine. Come, satisfy your cravings, and let Kathiyawadi transport your taste buds to a culinary paradise.

Address: 20 Jernee Mill Road store 3 Sayreville, NJ 08872, USA
Phone Number 1: +1 732-234-6621
Phone Number 2: +1 732-514-7639